Welcome to ScribbleSoft—Your Partner in Operational Intelligence.
Together, let's activate the knowledge within your team to drive operational intelligence that shapes the narrative of your success.
Hello! I’m Brian Baskin, the founder of ScribbleSoft.
I began my career as a Field Service Technician in the Power Industry, which provided me with robust insights into the technical intricacies of high-voltage equipment and safety measures within field services.
As I worked my way up through the ranks, it was evident that my desire to lead was paralleled by a curiosity for the ways technology could refine operations and boost team efficiency.
A pivot towards Continuous Improvement allowed me to channel my expertise into strategic, process-oriented innovations, and as the Director of ERP System Architecture, I took a deep dive into marrying technology with team dynamics to create an ecosystem where technology doesn't just support but actively enhances collaboration and performance.
When I founded ScribbleSoft, it was with a vision in mind: to blend the untapped potential of generative AI with the deep well of human expertise within the business world. My conviction was that AI, when strategically applied, could harmonize with human insight to unlock and amplify the vast operational intelligence latent in every organization.
The journey began in the summer of 2022, from a place of curiosity and a recognition of the capabilities generative AI represented. What struck me was the notion that while AI was evolving rapidly, its application in enhancing business knowledge, facilitating decision-making, and optimizing workflows was still not fully realized.
Over 1.5 years of intensive study and hands-on application of AI technologies, I grew confident in the idea of a platform where these sophisticated tools could interweave with the natural creativity and analytical prowess of professionals. Thus, ScribbleSoft and our cornerstone product, Synergy Bridge, came into being.
Join me, as we unlock the synergy between technology and talent, crafting a future where your team's insights and innovations are not just heard, but are pivotal in sculpting your business's narrative of success.
Explore how ScribbleSoft can help you harness the full spectrum of your operational intelligence. Let's move beyond data into the realm of actionable wisdom—a journey where your organizational voice becomes your most valuable asset.
"Use Your Words"
Meet The ScribbleSoft Team
Brian Baskin
Synergist 001
Senior Administrator
It's just me and 001 right now, you already learned about me. 001 helps keep things straight around here, this is a side gig for her. She has over 20 years experience supporting business growth in both manufacturing and service industries, and is leveling up her capabilities and her income with ScribbleSoft.
Tools we Use
Gamma AI
Presentations, Web Hosting
Cognosys AI
Research Leads, Planning
Eleven Labs AI
Voice Dubbing, Voice Lab
Chatbase AI
Deployable Conversation Chatbots
Open AI
GPT's, Code Interpreter, Best In Class
Large Language Model PDG
Learning Management System
AI Image Generation
Technical Precise
Automated Meeting Transcript & Summary

The Synergy Bridge
We are building with Open AI on Azure. Come try our general chat, conversational agents, and ai assistants. Sign up, grab some Synergy Credits and enjoy.
Located In Arizona, USA
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Use your words
Brian Baskin
Founder ScribbleSoft
Creator Synergy Bridge
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