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JohnDOE (Department of Energy Electrical Fundamentals)

A power industry client wanted an assistant to help with creating some training information, so we created John DOE a Retrieval Augmented Generation Assistant to help them create content by chatting with the Electrical Fundamentals Handbook from the Department of Energy. Our client has a conversation with John DOE and then uses the hot keys to generate summaries, and provide Question and Answer pairs based on the conversation.John DOE

Doug - ScribbleSoft Apprentice Guides

We learned how to generate standard document format, tone, and structure while working on creating Doug. We created an assistant embody the persona of a field services trainer, and fed it rough notes about important tasks an apprentice needs to know or learn in their orientation phase. By utilizing this assistant we were able to create 28 apprentice guides specifically for power transformer service. Then used these guides as the knowledge base for a Subject Matter Expert Chat. Have a chat with Doug, click on one of the hot keys to receive guidance.Doug ScribbleSoft Apprentice Guides

AI Pre-Mortem Coach

To assist with the cognitive load on field service technicians we are experimenting with AI coaching. With our conversational agent Jessica we provide a thought exercise for Field Technicians to walk through a task pre-mortem. By thinking through and documenting what could go wrong, and how to avoid that failure mode technicians can use pre-emptive foresight to better plan their work. With our AI Pre-Mortem coach Technicians can have a thought provoking conversation with Jessica, and work through the task at hand. The conversation helps the technican with planning, and the conversation is stored in the database tying recognized hazards to work tasks, and mitigation techniques to hazards. The information captured via this process can be used in future planning for similar projects - effectively reducing the cognitive load on technicians with each interaction. Jessica ScribbleSoft AI Pre-Mortem Coach

Business Process Interview

Ever wonder how work gets done? Not how do you want it done, but how it actually gets done, as explained by the people who do the work? One of the amazing things we discovered with retrieval augmented generation is we can teach the AI how to behave with a few simple training documents. By providing these training documents as source files for the AI to reference, and by instructing it to review files prior to interaction we get better outcomes from our assistants. Here we created guides on how to interview subject matter experts on business processes via a chat interface. Without this guidance large language models tend to try and complete the task in one shot, which leads to frustration by the user. Our assistant was taught to take things slow, one question at a time, and to recap periodically to ensure the conversation is capturing all necessary data to create a specific type of documentation. It knows when to deep dive a topic, and will circle back a few times if it is not getting the necessary information to perform its directives and goals. We work with Clients to determine what output they want the interview to be able to complete, and then deploy their customized interview agent to subject mater experts. Once conversations are completed a synergy engineer will provide further processing on the Synergy Bridge and deliver the completed process documentation to the Client or load it into a SME Chat.Business Process Interview Agent

GPT Class Assistants - Accessible for Paid ChatGPT+ users

Persona Architect "KPI's for bots" Try Me Persona Artwork "Faces for bots" Try Me Training Content "Teaching bots" Try Me Scripts & Content "words for bots" Try Me

Synergy Bridge Conversational Agents (role based chat)

Our conversational agents utilize system prompts prime the language model to set the role, task, and output format expected from the language model. There are thousands of use cases for Role-Task-Format prompt engineering to simplify repetitive tasks, generate content, or help with problem solving. Come have a chat with the ScribbleSoft C-Suite. At the onset this was a funny joke, but over time I realized channeling these personas into these roles, paired with knowledge of ScribbleSoft Mission, Vision, and Values opens up a whole new dimension of thought exploration. We don't know what we don't know, and having an AI C-Suite helps me learn what I need to learn. When I am hung up and need a little guidance or direction my CAI-Suite is always there. Interim CEO Elon Musk Assists with overall strategic planning and decision-making, helping the solopreneur align their business vision, mission, and long-term goals. Interim CTO Demis Hassabis Offers guidance on technology-related decisions, such as choosing the right software tools, implementing efficient systems, and ensuring scalability. Interim CFO Warren Buffet Assists with budgeting, financial forecasting, and offering advice on cash flow management, investments, and cost-saving strategies. Interim COO Sheryl Sandberg Helps with optimizing operational processes, improving efficiency, and managing day-to-day administrative and operational tasks effectively. Interim CSO Satya Nadella assist with developing and refining business strategies, conducting market analysis, and competitive positioning and long-term strategic planning. Interim CMO Steve Jobs advises on marketing strategies, brand development, customer engagement, and leveraging digital marketing tools to enhance market presence and reach.Synergy Bridge

Synergy Bridge AI Assistant: Voltyx Training Companion

Voltyx hired ScribbleSoft to assist with User Acceptance Testing and creating Training documentation for their Technology Stack so we designed an AI Assistant to help their team rapidly create process documentation from Video Transcripts. The Voltyx Training Companion knows the intricacies of the Technology Stack and understands Voltyx mission, vision, values, and organizational structure and weaves these important considerations into each process. Check out our pitch video for Voltyx Training Companion, Watch our Video Voltyx Training Companion by ScribbleSoft AI Voltyx Training Companion describes itself VTC Introduction

Synergy Bridge AI Assistant: Diaz Therapy homework Assistant

Diaz Therapy was interested in using Generative AI to assist with session transcription and session notes generation, to create homework assignments for clients, and an interactive chat bot to assist and capture homework. We sat down with Diaz Therapy, and created some rules and guidelines for the Assistant interaction. Then Created Process instructions for the assistant to follow, and uploaded all of this to the database. As therapist interact conduct sessions with clients the AI transcribes the conversation, and with a few simple pre-packaged prompts the AI assistant creates session notes. Once session notes are complete the therapist can request a relevant homework assignment for the client, and the AI will create a personalized homework assignment complete with educational content, and expected results. From there therapist can deploy custom chat bots to help thier clients through the homework, each interaction with the homework assistant is captured and transmitted to the therapist prior to the next session. This version isn't connected to a therapist, and is not intended to be a replacement for therapy, this is only for example purposes. AI Therapy Assistant on Synergy BridgeSynergy Bridge Deployable Conversational AgentDiaz Therapy Assistant

From Talk to Taught Work Flow

Try out our workflow to automate Standardized Document Creation from Subject Mater Expert Interviews. Many Minds - One Voice. From Talk to taught

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