At ScribbleSoft, we don’t sell products; we deliver solutions—tailored, transformative, and ready to scale with your business. Discover the Synergy of human ingenuity and AI-driven efficiency with us today.
Our services encompass a broad range of areas essential for modern enterprises, each available individually or through a flexible managed service agreement.
  • Synergy Bridge Web App
Synergy Bridge Web App
Synergy Bridge General Chat, Role Chat, AI Assistants
To Utilize the Synergy Bridge Web App Users purchase Synergy Credits.
Synergy Credit usage is determined by token count (Word Count Averaging) Total token counts include all words in system prompts, user questions, and AI Generated responses.
$ 20
$20.00 on the Synergy Bridge
20,000 Synergy Credits
more than 80,000 words
(input and output)
8 Hours In typing time alone
Choose between 3 user experiences

Synergy Bridge General Chat:
Its just you and the AI - cheapest way to chat

Synergy Bridge Role Chat:
Role Chat uses system prompts to set the AI to deliver a certain style of response Each time you chat we also pass a system prompt with your message, this system prompt tells the AI how to behave and is appended to messages Cost a little more - while improving the performance

Synergy Bridge AI Assistants:
AI Assistants also use system prompts to set the behavior, but we don’t stop there with Assistants we also provide source documentation, enable code writing capabilities, retrieval augmented generation, and keep a persistent Chat history over the course of the conversation. Interacting with Assistants is the most costly interaction on the Synergy Bridge and comes with SIGNIFICANT performance improvements.
Consulting Services:
  • Market Analysis and Strategy Development: Dive deep into market trends and competitive landscapes with our expert analysis, helping you craft strategies that capture market share and elevate your competitive edge.
  • Business Plan Development: We assist in developing or refining your business plans, focusing on clear objectives, strategies, and tactics to drive success.
  • Operational Improvement: Streamline your operations for peak efficiency. Our guidance covers process enhancement, and productivity boosts.
  • Change Management: Navigate through significant organizational changes with our support, ensuring smooth transitions and minimal operational disruptions.
  • Human Resources Consulting: Enhance your HR strategies with our expertise in talent acquisition, employee development, performance management, and culture.
  • Technology Integration and Advisory: Seamlessly integrate the latest technologies and digital tools to advance your IT infrastructure and achieve superior business outcomes.
  • Customer Engagement and Experience: Elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty through our insights and strategies, improving service and overall experience.
  • Leadership Development and Coaching: Empower your leaders with our coaching programs, enhancing decision-making, leadership skills, and team management.
Our Deliverables:
  • Detailed Reports: Gain in-depth insights with our comprehensive reports, encompassing market analyses, financial assessments, and operational reviews.
  • Strategic Plans: Receive clear roadmaps for business growth, including timelines, goals, and KPIs.
  • Process Maps and Flowcharts: Visualize your business processes for better understanding and optimization.
  • Presentations: Engage stakeholders with our concise, impactful presentations summarizing key findings and strategies.
  • Change Management Plans: Navigate organizational changes with our detailed planning documents.
  • Training Materials and Manuals: Implement new systems and processes seamlessly with our custom educational content.
AI Transition Services:
  • AI Ethics Training: Foster ethical AI practices in your workforce with our comprehensive workshops.
  • Regulatory Compliance Guidance: Stay ahead of AI regulations and guidelines, both locally and internationally.
  • AI Safety Workshops: Prioritize data privacy and security with our specialized AI safety training.
  • Best Practices for AI Implementation: Learn industry best practices for effective AI deployment and management.
  • Customized AI Utilization Strategies: Develop AI strategies tailored to your specific business context.
  • Hands-on AI Tool Training: Equip your team with practical skills for using AI tools efficiently.
  • Data Governance and Management: Establish robust data governance frameworks with our guidance.
  • AI Impact Assessments: Understand the full impact of AI on your business, from workforce dynamics to customer experience.
  • Ongoing Support and Consultation: Receive continuous support to tackle emerging AI challenges and technology updates.
  • Leadership and Decision-Maker Education: Align AI initiatives with your business goals through strategic executive education.
  • Risk Management in AI: Identify and manage AI-related risks effectively.
  • Cultural Change Management for AI Adoption: Facilitate a smooth cultural transition towards AI adoption in your organization.
Whether you're looking to harness AI for the first time or elevate your existing AI capabilities, AI First Consulting is your partner in navigating the complexities and unlocking the potential of AI in your business.
Revolutionize Your Business Insights with ScribbleSoft’s Conversational Front-End Agents
Capture Insights at the Speed of Conversation
In today’s fast-paced business landscape, unearthing deep insights quickly from stakeholders is crucial. Enter ScribbleSoft’s Conversational Front-End Agents—a suite of sophisticated AI tools designed to streamline stakeholder engagement through intelligent dialogue.
Engage, Understand, Innovate:
Our AI agents redefine how you conduct internal and external interviews. Unlock nuanced knowledge from your teams or customers without complex setups or long lead times.
  1. Automated Interviews and Surveys - Our agents are adept at navigating through interviews with precision. They leverage both pre-set questions and NLP Interview Training to extract knowledge while offering stakeholders a seamless question-and-answer experience.
  1. Strategic Feedback Collection - Our agents facilitate responses from stakeholders for both qualitative and quantitative insights.
  1. Dynamic Stakeholder Engagement - Our conversational agents can maintain a continuous dialogue with your stakeholders on your behalf. Disseminate timely updates, collate incremental feedback, and satiate queries with a responsive touchpoint for every communication need.
  1. Nuanced Requirement Gathering - At the genesis of any project lies a lattice of needs and desires; our conversational front-ends navigate these intricate networks to distill clear project requirements from the aspirations articulated by stakeholders.
  1. Beyond basic capabilities, we empower ScribbleSoft agents with the ability to facilitate thought exercises that explore realms beyond conventional queries:
  • Perform Task Pre-mortems, guiding teams through introspective exercises to preemptively unearth potential fail-points before they materialize.
  • Transform safety reporting with real-time Safety Observations, enabling operatives to share concerns and prompts instantaneously that could shape more secure environments.
  • Act as catalysts for ingenuity during Innovation Brainstorming, cross-pollinating stakeholder creativity towards unforeseen realms of pioneering thinking.
How It Works:
  1. Initiate: Have a Chat with our Intake agent to try out the product & let us know if you want a proposal.
  1. Design and Test: A Synergy Engineer will design and deliver your agents for testing, your feedback is captured automatically as you test.
  1. Deploy: When your ready we will help you deploy your agents via your native communication platforms.
  1. Capture: Everything captured is funneled to you, your delegates or your Synergy Engineer for further processing.
Real Applications Powering Real Progress Starts with "What if?"
What If…
  • You could capture how work gets done across your organization?
  • You could extract best practices directly from top performers?
  • You could deploy cognitive thinking frameworks to boost creativity?
  • You could gather stakeholder feedback without traditional meetings?
  • You could uncover hidden pain points in your service delivery process?
  • You could automate the collection of market intelligence for strategic planning?
  • Safety protocols were communicated more effectively through interactive dialogue?
  • Training efficacy was improved by adapting content based on real-time feedback?
What if your enterprise unearthed insights faster than competitors—cultivating innovation with every interaction:
Are you ready to unlock the full potential within dialogs already happening within—and beyond—your organization? Take the first step towards reshaping your enterprise intelligence-gathering approach with ScribbleSoft's Conversational Front-End Agents.
Turn Talks Into Transformative Action - Just Use Your Words!!
Effortless Presentations with ScribbleSoft
Cut to the chase—your business needs to share ideas fast and effectively. Here's how ScribbleSoft streamlines that process with precision, powered by ScribbleSoft and Gamma AI.
Issue at Hand: You need presentations yesterday, crafted with today’s knowledge to impress in tomorrow’s meetings. Traditional methods are time thieves; that’s where we step in.
Here’s Our Method:
  1. Ideation through Interaction: We start by extracting your team's expertise using AI conversational agents. These aren't your average chatbots—they're trained to pull the rich, nuanced narrative from the voices within your organization through intelligent dialogue and thought exercises.
  1. AI-Powered Transformation: Once we have your insights, our AI assistants convert conversations into data-rich content ready for presentation. It’s like having an army of analysts condensing weeks of work into actionable information at lightning speed.
  1. Creation with
  • Its AI churns out comprehensive drafts before you can refill your coffee.
  • The Chatbot Editor enters the scene when you want everything just right—a digital wingman ensuring your brand shines through every word and visual.
  • Style switches? A click away— knows maintaining brand aesthetics is pivotal. Drafts transform without losing their core message essence.
  • Adaptable templates mean unique results; it molds to your message, not vice versa.
  • Slide after slide, you're guaranteed crisp visuals no matter the screen size or resolution.
Workflow Efficiency:
Start with a conversation; end with a presentation:
  • Voice your thoughts; AI captures.
  • Synergy Bridge transforms these into aligned narratives.
  • Gamma takes over for polished, professional presentation output across preferred platforms—Web Page, Presentation Link, PowerPoint or, PDF.
Advanced Features for Dynamic Outcomes:
Analyzing engagement isn’t an afterthought—it's embedded in our process. Built-in analytics help you gauge impact on-the-fly. And let’s talk collaboration—it's 2023; this should be smooth sailing. Gamma brings people together through intuitive commenting features paving the way for collective content refinement without friction.
The Result?
You’re equipped not just with a tool but an extension of your business brainpower—waste no time on formatting fuss or design dilemmas and instead drive decisions, influence stakeholders, and lead markets through presentations that pack a punch both in content and visuals.
In essence:
Connect — your team talks; Capture — our AI listens; Create — technology interprets; Conquer — presentations win audiences over effortlessly.
This is ScribbleSoft plus Gamma—a partnership redefining efficiency in presentation creation from idea inception to final applause.
Final Words:
Let’s button it down—you’ve got knowledge that needs sharing and little time to encase it in slideshows. We've got AI that turns talk into text, concepts into content; partnered with which polishes and preps these for prime time viewing across platforms while offering real-time insights on engagement—a blueprint for presentations perfected at pace.
ScribbleSoft Presentations take you from brainstorming to boardrooms brilliantly. All you have to do is use your words!
Elevate Your Value and gain time for growth with the ScribbleSoft Synergy Engineer Bundle
At ScribbleSoft, we are harnessing the power of generative AI to empower your words. Generative AI is here to stay, and now is the time for you to maximize your skillset. For those of you who want to learn how to navigate the world of generative AI and want a leg up on your competition we have the tooling to help you advance.
What We Offer:
Exclusive Access: Gain Synergy Bridge Platform Admin Access, allowing you to do more with your Synergy Credits purchase only the credits you need. Synergy Bridge is our internal tool for standardization of AI work flows.
Build a team of Thought partners and AI Assistants to support you and your team.
  • Access to General Chat
  • Access to all ScribbleSoft Role-Based Chat Personas
  • Access to all ScribbleSoft Assistants
  • Create and use your own Role-Based Chat Personas
  • Dedicated support for AI Assistant Creation
  • You design it, we load it:
  • You dream it, we design and load: Standard Labor Rates Apply
Join our Synergy Engineer Gamma Account
  • Create unlimited presentations, web pages, and documents, share as a link, host on our shared site, or convert to power Point or PDF
  • Access to our Synergy Engineer Templates
Education and Support:
  • Synergy Engineer Learning Platform:
Customizable Add-Ons:
  • Communication Site Hosting
  • Add deployable Conversational Agents
  • Synergy Engineer Support:
Empower Your Future Today!
Choose ScribbleSoft for tooling and support, so you can focus on what you do best.
Elevate Your Business Efficiency with ScribbleSoft Operational Intelligence Managed Service
At ScribbleSoft, we understand the importance of staying ahead in the fast-paced business environment. Our Operational Intelligence Managed Package is designed to empower your top performers, enhancing your organization's efficiency and effectiveness.
What We Offer:
Exclusive Access: Gain Synergy Bridge Platform Admin Access for a designated Client-Side Subject Matter Expert.
Comprehensive Development and Deployment:
  • 2 Advanced Conversational Agents
  • 5 Role-based Chat Personas via Synergy Bridge
  • A Sophisticated AI Assistant
  • A Custom-Branded Communication Site (Customer Hosted)
  • A Gamma AI License with unlimited presentations
  • 5 Customizable Page Templates
  • A Tailored Communication Plan
Education and Support:
  • Exclusive access to our Synergy Engineer Learning Platform
  • 2 hours of dedicated Synergy Engineer Support each month
  • A 10% discount on pre-booked additional Synergy Engineer labor hours.
Flexibility and Control:
  • Fully Managed Solution: Option to add synergy engineer hours for a completely in-house operational intelligence initiative.
  • Easy Scalability: Purchase additional Synergy Credits anytime, with no expiration.
Customizable Add-Ons:
  • Communication Site Hosting
  • Synergy Engineer Labor
  • Additional Conversational Agents
  • The "Never Voice Over Another Video" Package: 1 hour of generated audio monthly
Empower Your Team Today!
Choose ScribbleSoft for a seamless, efficient, and intelligent operational management experience. Let us handle the complexities, so you can focus on what you do best - growing your business.
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